Persistence Really is Everything

Hey Everyone,

So it’s been a little over a week since my last post but it feels like it’s been at least 3. Working hard, cutting back on most of the social aspects of my life, cut back on driving unless it was absolutely necessary, all in an effort to regroup and do something great. Well, the work has paid off!

Later on tonight, I will be shooting a video of a presentation at the Atlanta Tech Village! 5 startups will be pitching their companies, including one that I will be doing an extended interview/profile video for. This has been an almost 7 month process with little to no results, but now things are changing and looking much more brighter. Also, I wanted to share this with as many of you as possible, so I want to do a little bit of live streaming using Periscope. You can watch via the web or the app. You can follow me @livingwingfield and I should be streaming around 7:00 PM ET. I hope to see you there, there’s gonna be a lot of first’s tonight. Thank You to all of you who have been supportive of this journey, I appreciate each and every one of you. I will send out reminders through Twitter & Instagram, also @livingwingfield.



Lending a Helping Hand

I would like to share with you a campaign I recently learned about and have a strong interest in, An Hour of Code for Every Student. I was fortunate enough to be one of the early participants in’s Hour of Code program, to get more students and adults the opportunity to learn Computer Science. Through this program, and afterwards, I have come to learn and understand the power of Computer Science, what it can create and what can be achieved. Yes, it may appear to be the cool or enticing tool to learn because plenty of entrepreneurs are getting rich off of making apps, but this is not what Computer Science is about.

I see it as opening up new possibilities, making the world we know just a little easier to navigate, having the tools to create what’s in our minds, and a tool that should be accessible to the younger generation. Since the Hour of Code program, I have taken it upon myself to use programs to help learn different programming languages in my spare time, such as Codecademy & Team Treehouse in my spare time. Here are some stats that you may find interesting,

  • 25 States do not allow students to count Computer Science courses towards High School graduation.
  • 12% of Computer Science degrees are awarded to women.
  • 9 out of 10 schools do not offer computer programming schools.


Hour of Code

With this, I am asking all of you to help spread this campaign to as many people as possible, as well as contribute if possible. This is an issue that, as well as many individuals fight to address and an opportunity that the younger generation should not have to miss, and I am proud to do my part in lending a helping hand. The link to this campaign is below.

Thank You All for listening,


Take Time To……

Time is the most valuable thing you will own, and most of us will use it as best as we can. We like to try new thing, see different places, meet new people, and gain new experiences, which is amazing. I’m currently setting myself up so that I can be in a position to do more than what I’m currently doing now. But something I’ve learned along the way (from personal experience unfortunately) is that we tend to get caught up into what we’re trying to achieve that we stress ourselves out or ignore our surroundings because we believe we’ll achieve what we want faster. Does it ever feel like you’re in a rush?  I had to learn the hard way that it is ok to take time out, in fact, its essential. Taking time out is partially where my creative thoughts stem from, where I’m able to take the weights off my shoulders an not put myself under so much pressure. It was necessary for me to find as many outlets as I could and not limit myself to only one, because that one outlet may not always work or get tiresome after a while.

I’d like to share my personal ways to keep myself relaxed and my mind refreshed at all times. If someone can benefit from this post, then I’m happy I could help.


 Music Playlist
I put my Favorite Scores playlist on shuffle, instant relief. Film Scores are what calms me and puts me in a better mood, plus they’re perfect for any situation. Whatever genre of music soothes you, create yourself a playlist based on that genre if you haven’t already. I would personally use a music streaming service like Spotify simply for convenience and access to songs at a low monthly price. Another suggestion would be to get some good quality Over-Ear Headphones (they really make a difference).

Clearing your mind in a peaceful setting is sometimes all you need to put yourself in a better position. You’re better able to focus on your goals, think and reflect on your decisions, and decrease the likelihood of having health issues such as high blood pressure. It doesn’t have to always be in a sit down, crossed legs position either, it can be done sitting in a chair, listening to music if you want. It’s not about the position of your body, its about the position of your mind.

This is definitely one of my favorite ways to relax & get away. You know that pile of movies that’s building up in your Netflix queue, watch em! That new movie in the theater that you want to see, go see it! Those movies in your collection that you’ve been meaning to re-watch, watch them too! I’m a movie lover, I’m always taking an opportunity to watch a new movie (as long as it captures my interest). There is always something to see, & you may already have a favorite kind of movie to lean towards. And for those who don’t, feel free to ask for some suggestions from others or from me if you want!

I’ve always said that one of the reason I started this blog is because I needed an outlet for the thoughts in my head. There’s a feeling of relief for me to put my thoughts out into the world within a community of people that actually listen. With every post I make, another weight is lifted off my mind. Now we live in an age where there is always somebody listening to what you have to say, & more than likely if you think a certain way, you’re not alone.

I hope this helps someone. And there are plenty of other, more obvious ways to relax & take time away. I’m trying to get to a comfortable position like everyone else, but I’ve learned that if you’re trying to get somewhere as fast as possible, you may end up forgetting something along the way. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions on how you relax, I’d love to hear them! Be sure to also subscribe to The Wingfield Blog.

Thank You for Listening,


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Education: Where Does College Fit In?

Computer lab

The Problem

I’m asking the same questions a lot of other students are asking. Why do we pay to take tests in subjects that we could care less about? Isn’t there a better way to learn what I want than sitting through energy-draining lectures?

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have gotten up in the morning, dreading the fact that I had to get up & go to class, contemplating if it is beneficial for me to skip it or not (which there were plenty of cases where it was), and wish that I had not entered this system, especially when there is something much better & more obvious that I could be doing.

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