Build Upon the Point

Hey Everyone,

It’s really interesting how much validation a video less than 2 minutes can provide. What may seem like a small feat for others, the feeling of knowing that it’s something that I managed to pull off successfully (for the most part) is what’s so important. For over a year now, the goal has been to motivate the aspiring creators not only through my own actions, but also by sharing the minds of other creatives who are making an impact in their own way. The starting point has been made, now I want more, I want bigger, I want better.

The only way I can see myself continuing to build upon this starting point and encourage others is by continuously persisting, progressing, and adapting. I’ve been rejected and flat-out ignored by so many companies, there’s no way I couldn’t of thought about quitting at some point, but by not giving up, I was able to take advantage of the latest opportunity presented to me in my own backyard. Also, there has to be a support system along the way. Knowing that I could potentially encourage others to move forward with their ideas and knowing that there are people who can encourage me is what justifies this journey and makes it worth the push. Let’s all make a move in the right direction and do something out of the ordinary, something that allows you to explore your curiosity, and help the next person along the way. For the people who choose, or have chosen, to stand next to me, I cannot thank you enough.

Thank You All for Listening,


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