How Much Do You Want It?

Everyday now feels like a new test & my persistence is consistently being challenged. How much am I willing to sacrifice, How far am I willing to go to get what I want? Ultimately, How badly do you want it?

Trying to achieve your dream starting with little to no resources comes with certain stipulations atatched, those being

  1. Not for the soft hearted or weak minded.
  2. Persistence is vital.
  3. Failure & Frustration will be inevitable.
  4. You will be put into positions where adapting & thinking on your feet is critical.
  5. Sacrifices will have to be made.
  6. Time is of the essence.

In these moments, you learn. You develop. You see what you’re made of and determine how much your dream is worth. When you decide that your dream is worth persuing, you’re already ahead of the people who choose otherwise. When you invest in that dream, you make progess, regardless of the pace. The fight is always worth it, but what’s it worth to you? Sacrifice does not mean everything you own, but how much are you prepared to give when it’s time to do or die?

I want to thank everyone that has shown any type of support for my goals and want to let you know that I value and appreciate each of you. I am still having my CampaignFree Movie Giveaway to make an opportunity my reality. Also be sure to subscribe to The Wingfield Blog.

Thank You for Listening,


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