8/4/15- This was the best day I have ever had in the theater.

My & my old roommates gather up at the theater a little early to check out Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. We get in the theater, not too many people are there but seats quickly start to fill up as we get closer to the start of the movie. In no time we’re hit with shouting about the sound not working, Kamehameha’s, Team Four Star jokes, & this went on for about 20 minutes 7:00 comes around, someone decides to rewind to the very beginning, and we found out Fathom Events is playing everything through DISH NETWORK!!!!! THE THEATER GOES OFF!! Everyone’s laughing, making jokes, I almost cried laughing to the point where your neck starts to hurt, and managed to take this picture and a 10 second video before my battery died (I’ll try to get that up too). 

Everyone’s killing time watching anime videos on their cell phones, talking to one another with people they just met, enjoying one another’s company. Close to 8:00, a manager finally comes and tells us that they have been on the phone with Fathom Events (host of the show) and that they were having satellite issues. We were give the options to either stick around & wait, get a refund, or a free movie pass to whatever movie we wanted for the next year. My friends and I (along with 30 or so other people) opted for the movie passes & met up with some people in the front who were getting refunds. While at the front, we get word that the sound is finally working! EVERYBODY RUNS BACK TO THE THEATER! We lost our seats but still managed to get seats next to each other that were not unbearable. This was the experience with the theater, now let’s talk about the experience with the movie itself!

I’m going to assume that everyone knows the story of DBZRF, the resurrection of Frieza and the events following. The beginning of the movie doesn’t start off the way that people would expect it to. If anyone remembers the beginning of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events movie, think of that but much happier & pinker. Resurrection F moves at an almost perfect pace, there were very few scenes that I thought dragged on too long or could have completely done without. All of the characters give a great performances, the fight scenes are action packed as I hoped it would, entertaining all the way through.

DBZ-060 copy_FLATNegatives
The story is pretty predictable, especially if you pay attention to what certain characters say throughout the movie, but I really didn’t place any emphasis on predictability so I wasn’t bothered by that. The only real complaints I have with the movie is the incorporation of Emperor Pilaf, the reduction of character status for Gohan, & the the screwing over of Vegeta. Battle of Gods had entire scenes with Pilaf & his crew that I thought were completely unnecessary. Resurrection F shortens his inclusion immensely & to the point where it makes more sense, even though I don’t see the insistence of putting them in either movies. Fighting wise, Gohan’s one step ahead of Piccolo, although I personally appreciated Piccolo much more than I did with this older Gohan that decided not to dedicate time to work & training, but cut out training altogether. Gohan meant a lot to DBZ fans, I wanted to see him grow up & be a deal breaker in fights alongside Goku & Vegeta, not hanging in the background with everyone else. As far as Vegeta getting screwed over goes, you’ll just have to watch the movie to get that one.

Final Thoughts
Overall, this is a great addition to the DBZ Film Franchise. Is it better than Battle of Gods? Well…………………..for the most DBZ-011 copy_FLATpart, no. When I watch Battle of Gods, I skip the Pilaf/Dragon Balls scene every time, because I thought it was so unnecessary. But at the same time, BOG also has that intensity factor that makes it so special & worth it, which Resurrection F lacks. It’s a great movie! & I encourage everyone to go see it and show Funimation that we want more! I would also like to thank AMC Theaters, Fathom Events, Funimation, & Everyone in the theater yesterday for making yesterday THE best experience I’ve had in the theater so far. I got a great movie, a fun experience, & 2 free movie tickets to any movie I want until mid-August 2016!

Did any of you go see the movie yesterday? Planning on going to see the movie? Any questions that I may have not answered? Let Me know! Also I’m still having my Free Movie Giveaway, click the link for info on that & also be sure to subscribe to The Wingfield Blog!

Find a theater near you at http://www.dragonballz.com/theaters

Thank You All for Listening,
Photo Credit: http://www.dragonballz.com/


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