Campaign Update

Hey Everyone,

So I’m still trying to do whatever I need to to make this opportunity happen. Gotten a few shares, still having the giveaway for those who share it (click the link for more details), trying to raise money aside from the campaign, and even paid $4.99 for a few shares. People are seeing it, more people are sharing it, but still no contributions yet. I’m only 5 days in and still optimistic that this campaign can be a success.

Progress is being made at least, I could be getting no shares or views at all. Also I thought that people would be receptive to the giveaway but that does not appear to be the case so far. I personally would like to receive all of these movie related items, if not for myself then for someone else. Any ideas on making it better? Let me know! All forms of contribution are helpful & much appreciated, both sharing and/or monetary.

Link to campaign:

Also I’ve been posting a lot lately and would love to get your thoughts on them, and be sure to subscribe to The Wingfield Blog.

Thank You All for Listening,


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