I haven’t been proven wrong yet.

I dream big. I Imagine. I put my money where my mouth in order to create a starting point for myself. The world will still have you think that traditional is key, you should have everything in your life figured out by this age, that you can’t dedicate yourself to more than one path because it’ll never work, and that as you get older, you should outgrow the things that made you want to believe in anything in the first place. This is why I keep my mouth shut. I’m at the point now where I just do things, & let the non-supporters wonder why and how I did it later.

What makes you think you can do more than one thing? Succeed as an entrepreneur? Change an industry?

Ever heard anyone ask you these questions or something similar? I have. My answer? Because the world and some of the people in it are making it so that I can and showing me that I can.

The Elon Musk, the John Lassater, the Steve Jobs, the people who create and do all of these amazing things and open up new ways for us to do the same. People like to say that they are the exceptions, but who’s to say the rest of us aren’t? If a child said that he wanted to create his own space company, they’d probably get laughed at and/or criticized. How about a electric car company? Making solar energy accessible to consumers everywhere? An Animation studio? Dreams and ideas are meant to be big!

I’m not crazy for having the large vision. I’m only crazy if I pay attention to the complacent and not pursue it. I’ve been told that I should focus on the standard things in life and do something that I neither don’t want to do or enjoy doing. I know what I want and know that it is within reach, and the thing is….

I haven’t been proven wrong yet.

I want to take this time to thank & welcome all of the newest subscribers to The Wingfield Blog. Also let me know your thoughts and what inspires you.

Thank You for Listening,

photo credit: Dream Big via photopin (license)


3 thoughts on “Are You a Believer?

  1. Let’s say, if people can earn a double degree, why can’t one have a double career? Sure there are people who are doing more than one job, but it is true that there’s a common thought that we should choose and stick to one career path. For anyone who wants to know more about people who refuse to think and live this way, I would recommend this: http://puttylike.com/ . Have a good day everyone!

    1. I just finished browsing through puttylike.com and I completely agree with the concept of being a “Multipotentialite”. Thank You for sharing! And for everyone else seeing this, please click the link and browse around for yourself.

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