Kingdom Hearts: New Trailers!

Hey Everyone,

So I got my wish for E3. I got new Kingdom Hearts 3 footage! This has been my favorite game series since the original and I have been anticipating Kingdom Hearts 3 for what feels like forever! My childhood came out of me when I saw Kingdom Hearts series on the screen, and I’ll admit I started to get slightly irritated because the translator decided to pick the perfect time to not translate what’s going on. But first, we get a new mobile for smartphones called Kingdom Hearts: Unchained. It………..looks…………amazing! Fans of the series, RPG fans, or even admirers can appreciate this.

And THEN we get the main attraction. I didn’t speak for a few minutes after I saw this. My inner child came out, my heart jumped, I was extremely happy. You could hear the crowd going crazy and shouting Thank You! and it made me feel good seeing that people still want and appreciate this game.

I have already discussed this with a few of the people who know me personally, but when this comes out, I will be unavailable to the world for at least 2 days, I’ve already made that decision. Unless I stream everything on Twitch but that’s just an idea I thought about.

But this made E3 for me, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s over. Done. I’m satisfied. I got what I wanted. But what do you all think about E3? Did you enjoy the KH trailers? Microsoft? Sony? Nintendo? Ubisoft? Let me know!

Thank You for Listening,


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