UPDATE (6/26/15)- https://thewingfieldblog.com/2015/06/26/update-dragon-ball-z-resurrection-f-map-available-new-images/

Hey Everyone,

While I’m in blogging mode, I wanted to let all of the DBZ fans know that tickets for the new movie, Resurrection F, have started to become available in select theaters! I was on Fandango last night before I went to bed, and decided to check under my saved movies list for any updates. I’m glad I did, because I saw that tickets were now available in my area and I immediately bought my ticket. I missed going to see Battle of Gods because the tickets were sold out before I found out they were available. But I said I was not gonna miss Resurrection F! This is going to be an event, I can already tell.

HEADS UP, The showing is scheduled to be between August 4-12, but my theater only had them available until the 8th. If you’re a fan or know a fan, check with your local theaters directly or Fandango for tickets because the Dragon Ball Z website does not show the theater listings yet and will undoubtedly sell out fast! The cities are currently expanding and even the Fandango FanAlert notification was later than when the tickets became available. This is coming from someone who watches out for movie tickets like a hawk, & I’m not alone.

Amped for Ressurection F? Let me know! Also don’t forget to Subscribe to The Wingfield Blog.

Thank You for Listening,

Photo Credit: http://comicbook.com/2015/06/15/exclusive-dragon-ball-z-resurrection-f-english-dub-release-poste/


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