Hey Everyone,

I’m currently on a roll! Including this post, I’ve released a post almost every day, and if I’d miss a day, I’ll put up two. Some were simple shares that I felt you all should see such as the “For the Love of Spock” Kickstarter Campaign and Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet trailer. And some are the lengthy, more in-depth conversations such as the “How Do You View Companies” post. The point of this is to not only make up for lost time or to put out content just because, I do this because I have specific goals that I have set in my mind to achieve, both personally and professionally, and this blog helps accomplish those goals on both ends.


I see the stats for this blog and I tell myself “I want to eclipse this”. Because who wants to be stuck in the same field forever? I want more views, more interaction, more subscribers, produce more content, improve my writing, and have more opportunities, sounds like a reasonable desire.

“How do you plan on making this happen?”

By working of course, and maintaining consistency. This has now become a challenge for me as to how consistent can I remain and figuring out along the way how can I improve. I’ve laid down my intentions for this blog, now comes the part where I take action and succeed. While I can do my part, I simply cannot achieve this goal alone. There has to be a strong support system with me every step of the way, this is where I need all of you. The subscribers have been coming in lately, but there is a lack of interaction that I would like to fix. Let’s connect, let’s make an impact, hell let’s even dominate WordPress. I’m dreaming big, and my mind goes further than this blog, I want to make things happen.

If you are reading this, I hope that you will join this journey and help make it a successful one. Like, comment, share, and subscribe to The Wingfield Blog. Browse the site, check out some other posts, lets discuss some positive topics, I’d love to hear what you have to say! 

Thank You for Listening,

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9 thoughts on “Goal Domination

  1. Nice one, yes I totally agree with you. I think for many its that we want to become this and we want to become that..
    But where do we stand to make it happen actually. I myself am a Writer and poet. I have been struggling to get ideas to write. So far I have been stuck. I guess that made me doubt myself and so now I am far behind my blog writing. Yes I would totally join with you, so in fact to get some inspiration from you to write as well…

    Lets get started…

    1. Thank You for joining me! I understand very well that it’s hard to make something happen when there is no inspiration within you or around you, this is one of the main subjects I like to tackle on this site. What I’ve personally learned is that the further I dive into my interest, the bigger the odds become that inspiration strikes.

      It’s rarely ever there when you want it to be but always tends to come out of nowhere and won’t sync in entirely until it comes from a source that you appreciate and understand. I hope that I can be that source for you and will continue to provide as much inspiration and motivation as I can. You have my support as well, now lets get started!

  2. Reblogged this on The Journal of 'Dr. R' and commented:
    Blogging isn’t easy but even something as simple as liking a post or leaving a comment can be enough to keep a blogger going, to keep the fire burning. The little things count massively so we all need to interact with each other and strength in numbers will allow send you on the up.

    1. Thank You for the Reblog and I couldn’t agree more. It’s the affirmation, knowing that you have people supporting you with what you try to achieve. Having someone tell you that you helped them or introduced them to something that they may have not heard or thought of before means a lot.

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