Hey Everyone,

So between the months of January and April, I decided to take a hiatus from blogging until I had established a starting point for myself in creating my own business. Now I understand that this was a mistake.

I’ve been trying so hard to create a business that allows me to be more independent, creative, and live a more fulfilling life, but this was at the expense of putting aside the community that has embraced and encouraged me to put my thoughts out since I’ve started this blog. And I have other interest, I like to talk and share my thoughts on other subjects besides business, myself and my progress. I like to motivate you, tell you how your goals are closer than you think, and even show you.

Also, I’m a big movie fan. I’m always either in someone’s store looking at and/or buying movies, or in a theater watching one. As I’m currently writing this, I’m keeping a close eye on the only theater in Atlanta that is showing the new Studio Ghibli feature, When Marnie was There, cause I am not trying to get sold out of these tickets, especially since the showing is only 1 week-only!

So from now on, I’m kicking blogging into high gear & I’m just gonna talk. My takes on Business, Motivation, Movies, my personal progress, upcoming Game of Thrones Season Finale, Tech, Interesting Kickstarter campaigns, websites/articles I think you all may be interested in, don’t care. And I want is to provide content and for you all to interact with me, share your thoughts and interest, lets converse! I You all can teach me something or think differently in ways that I may not otherwise. I believe that this blog will help me both personally and professionally with everything I plan to achieve. I only ask that you join me on this journey.

Feel Free to browse The Wingfield Blog and subscribe for more content and updates.

Thank You for Listening,

photo credit: Morning view from the roof deck, Mediterranean Inn, Seattle via photopin (license)


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