New Year Declarations

Hey Everyone,

First Off, I would like to wish a prosperous new year to everyone! I am personally looking at 2015 as the year of execution, motivation, and freedom. This is the year where the ideas and plans that have been building up for the past year all come to light for the world to see. A lot of thought has been put into the actions I make this year, and these thoughts have led to some personal declarations I have set for myself and have every intention of sticking with. Lets start with….

Professional Declaration
December 31, 2014 was my last day as an Intern, and I am making the declaration that December 31, 2014 will be my last day working for someone else. Now is the time for me to achieve my vision and I cannot do that being tied down doing something that does not further the mission.


Personal Declaration
I’m not exactly sure where to start with this one. I guess I can start on whatever thought my brain lands on.

  1. Traveling – I would like to make a trip out of the country at least once this year, specifically with a group of other young professionals called Under30Experiences (Video included below). I have some particular spots in mind that I would like to visit, but there is a serious need for me to experience the world and get out of same general area that I’ve been in since……………..forever.
  2. Blogging – In the midst of everything that I have planned, I want to be more active, share everything and have you all involved every step of the way with my progress from the very beginning. The WordPress community has been my go-to place to be expressive to a very open and welcoming group of people.

2015 is the year of experience. The doors are going to open and new worlds will present themselves. Opportunities are going to arise and I am taking full advantage of them. I wish the best for everyone this year, and I welcome all of you to join me in this journey of mine.

Thank You,

photo credit: Jeppe Salvesen via photopin cc


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