Personal Update

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would take a moment to give you all an update on everything that’s happened with me in the past month, seeing as how I’ve been away longer than I should have been.

As of December 9, I finished my 1st semester of my senior year. I feel as if I learned more about myself this semester in ways I never dreamed of. As I mentioned before, I bought some filming equipment this semester I order to pursue my own endeavors. I put myself in a now or never situation, where if I did not buy the equipment when I did, then I was basically telling myself “It’s not going to happen”. My purchase resulted in both positive and negative consequences. The positive was internal, being that not only was I was able to teach myself and learn the technical aspects of a camera, but I also began developing a higher and higher appreciation of the world around me, because I had that camera. All of the little things that we pass everyday looked more and more beautiful, and being able to capture it made it that much more special to me. The negative was external, where there was no money and a period where I did not know where my next meal was coming from. Without going too in-depth about the negative, everything worked itself out.

On another note, I believe I finished out the semester pretty strong grade wise. I did manage to make a 100% on my Statistics for Business II final, which I expected to be my hardest class of the semester because I barely passed Statistics I. I’ve also made an A in my Business Communication class, so everything is looking good so far.

Personal Life
On December 8, I turned 22 years old. I didn’t look at this birthday like everyone else as an excuse to go out, get drunk and have a crazy (yet fun) night like most of the people around me. This was not only because I had to study and get my notes together for my Stat II final (which paid off), but I took some time to assess how this year has been for me as well as how are my plans for the future look at this moment. I don’t know how to look at this, but when I think about my age and the people whom I admire, I begin to think “They all started doing what they wanted pretty early on in their life, and with less tools than I have. I need to play catch up!” But Overall, I am highly satisfied with the progress I have made for myself, and highly anticipate what’s to come in the near future. Everything in my life is looking up right now,

  • I get to go back to work for the holiday break.
  • Have some time to relax, catch up on everything and focus on the bigger picture.
  • Free Movie tickets (You all know how much I love movies)
  • Enjoy the holidays!

I started this blog back in May, and I would like to personally thank all of you for joining me on this journey. Be sure to follow me on Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to The Wingfield Blog.

Thank You,




2 thoughts on “Personal Update

  1. having a camera certainly opens one’s eyes to the beauty that surrounds us 🙂 and not knowing where your next meal is going to come from, although not fun in the moment, is a life changing period of life – so enjoy it! One day you’ll loo back and be proud of yourself for getting through it! Enjoy your holiday 🙂

    1. First off, I’m sorry for the lateness of this reply, I’m usually good at replying back quickly but I haven’t checked the site since my last post. It has been an interesting experience, but everything has worked out and I’ve learned more about myself because of it. Thank You, Enjoy your holiday as well!

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