Lending a Helping Hand

I would like to share with you a campaign I recently learned about and have a strong interest in, An Hour of Code for Every Student. I was fortunate enough to be one of the early participants in Code.org’s Hour of Code program, to get more students and adults the opportunity to learn Computer Science. Through this program, and afterwards, I have come to learn and understand the power of Computer Science, what it can create and what can be achieved. Yes, it may appear to be the cool or enticing tool to learn because plenty of entrepreneurs are getting rich off of making apps, but this is not what Computer Science is about.

I see it as opening up new possibilities, making the world we know just a little easier to navigate, having the tools to create what’s in our minds, and a tool that should be accessible to the younger generation. Since the Hour of Code program, I have taken it upon myself to use programs to help learn different programming languages in my spare time, such as Codecademy & Team Treehouse in my spare time. Here are some stats that you may find interesting,

  • 25 States do not allow students to count Computer Science courses towards High School graduation.
  • 12% of Computer Science degrees are awarded to women.
  • 9 out of 10 schools do not offer computer programming schools.


Hour of Code

With this, I am asking all of you to help spread this campaign to as many people as possible, as well as contribute if possible. This is an issue that Code.org, as well as many individuals fight to address and an opportunity that the younger generation should not have to miss, and I am proud to do my part in lending a helping hand. The link to this campaign is below.

Thank You All for listening,




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