Limitless Living

There are two types of adults, the one’s who view the song “Go The Distance” from Disney’s Hercules as a cliché, and those who believe that the meaning of that song is completely attainable.

Today was my last day of work before I head off to build a better future, & complete my final year of school. As my last activity, my mentor/boss decided to have me watch a series of videos from FranklinCovey and describe my vision for my future. After watching these videos I would answer a series of questions pertaining to the topic of the video. Some of the questions I gave a generic answer because the truth would take too long and would be a bigger pill to swallow. Some questions I didn’t even bother to answer at all. While finishing up the questions, there was something I realized when my boss told me he wanted me to stay until 5:00 instead of the usual 4:00.


The thought that came to my head was this: “My boss has a meeting that’s going to run after I am supposed to leave, so I have to stay an hour later than I am supposed to. I’m sacrificing an hour of my time to help complete someone else’s schedule………for $10”

I’ve heard of jobs being described this way, but I never really viewed it that way until today. When that thought synced into my mind, I had to ask, Is this what life is expected to be? Am I really expected to accept this as “the way it is”? That realization got even worse when I realized something else. I’m an intern at an HR Outsourcing firm making $10/hr as an assistant, for their most entry-level full-time position, I’m expected to complete 4 years of school, and gain 1 year of experience for……………….are you ready for this………………. a $4-6/hr increase.

I refuse to accept this. I have come to terms with my reasoning for finishing school now and not dropping out, but beyond this, I refuse to waste anymore time. The goal is to put myself into a position where I am able to freely create, help, and live the life I imagined. I decided to call this post “Limitless Living” because I want my Imagination to be the only thing keeping me from not creating. If I need to pause and give my mind a rest, then that will be the time for me to experience something new. Take time to travel, learn something new, read a book, rest, the list goes on & on. I have said it before, time and time again, I have too much to contribute to the world to sit in one place. There is a clear vision in my head that is very persistent and must be followed. I am already in the process of making the change, I just have to keep fighting to make it work.

I like my job and the people in it (which is a very small number of us in the office), but there is just so much more for me to do. What do you think? I’d love to hear what you have to say! Be sure to also subscribe to The Wingfield Blog.

Thank You for Listening,



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2 thoughts on “Limitless Living

  1. I just gave my 2 weeks notice at a job I am GREAT at that I have been doing for 5 years. It was a scary decision to leave behind the familiar with the aspiration of creating a new career as a life coach from the ground up. I want to inspire others and make the world a happy place. GOOD LUCK in all you do. You have much to offer!

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