The Writing Rut

It’s official, I’ve been hit with the writing block. I have 2 drafts saved and I just don’t know where to go with them. As of late, the posts I write will start off strong as I’m translating them from my brain into words, but somewhere in the middle, it feels like my mind just hit a huge wall. The original plan was to put out at least two posts a week, which I initially thought would be enough time to keep myself refreshed and keep a constant flow of post coming. I don’t want to put out something random just to keep up with the schedule, because if I don’t feel what I’m writing, I can’t expect others to feel it either. I think I should just browse for different topics that interest me and see what I can talk about from that. The only thing that’s really been on my mind as of late is preparing myself to start my own business and the entertainment industry (movies specifically). Also I return to my old job tomorrow to raise a little bit of money before I start my last year of school. I definitely plan to put out more posts in the near future but I just need to find something I really feel.

If you happen to have any suggestions or solutions as to what I should write about or how to get out of this writing rut, please feel free to let me know!

Thank You for Listening,


One thought on “The Writing Rut

  1. I think most of us experience a block at some point in our blogging. I only started recently but have sometimes felt that way. I think the commitment you made of writing two posts a week is putting pressure on yourself and stressing you which blocks your creative flow. I think you’ll feel better if you reduce it to one post a week. I found that one a week has been goof for me so far. Of course I want to write more, improve traffic, get better interaction but this requires time and consistency. Just keep it a natural flow, write down ideas and thoughts when they come to you during the day, it helps your brain to organise a thought until you write it down. No worries and no pressure 🙂 you’re doing great

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