My Decision To Blog

I’m willing to admit that I initially fell into the traps. The perception of having a “Blog” and “Blogging” were viewed negatively by me because of the entertainment industry, where people only used them to discuss other people and/or make money, which was not my intention. I wanted to talk about my thoughts, where I want to go, connect with others and actually feel as though I have a voice that people will listen to. This is why I was so hesitant to start one, because I felt as if no one wanted to see or be apart of it. If it wasn’t a video, no one’s going to pay attention. Reading and using your words seemed to have become less fundamental, & when you live in an area where you get laughed at for pulling out a Forbes magazine in class and having a number of people make you feel ashamed for liking certain things, you start to ask yourself “What’s the point”?

Although I was the type of person who didn’t really care about how people viewed me (the fact that I wore a suit at least twice a week voluntarily is evident of that), I couldn’t shake the feeling of even if I were to start a blog, who would listen? I could tell people something positive and inspiring, but an overwhelming majority of people I tell these things to either don’t want to hear them, or take it in one ear & throw it out the other. I saw blogging as a waste of time and possibly money that no one would support or care about, this was my thinking for a little over 2 years. But then I entered college…..


As much as I don’t like the University system, college did give me a huge eye-opener. In college, no one’s ashamed of their interest, how they appeared in public, or what they discussed to others. Since my freshman year, my roommates, myself and a friend have taken a day where we would discuss our futures, ideas, help one another with details, just one big mind-mapping session if you will. These talks told me that I am someone people can listen to, receive encouragement from, learn from. I had received the encouragement I needed, and I was at a point where I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with others, so I took the plunge and started The Wingfield Blog.

So far, I’m 2 months into this blog, writing at least 2 posts a week & currently at 70 subscribers. The WordPress community has shown me so much support and encouragement since I’ve started and I couldn’t thank you all enough. I want to continue encouraging and connecting with more people and see where this blog can take me. And to Christian & Jeremiah, you may not know you’ve helped me to go through with this, but you have, Thank You.

Why did you decide to start blogging? What has blogging taught you? Feel free to share, I’d love to hear what you have to say! Also be sure to subscribe to The Wingfield Blog!

Thank you for Listening and Supporting,


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6 thoughts on “My Decision To Blog

  1. Brandon,

    I too was very hesitant when I started blogging about a month ago. I simply wanted to tell my stories, prompt discussions, bounce ideas. I do not post as often as I would like too, but I have found that the wordpress community is extremely close. The support, feedback, criticism has all been worth putting my ideas out there into the public. I tell my stories, to share lessons I have learned with the world, and to come across like minded individuals. That is why I blog. Great post.


    1. Thank You Erik, I know exactly what you mean! It seems as if the more I post, the better I feel because I’m consistently coming across more people who want to do the same thing. I’m grateful for being a part of the WordPress community and it’s comments like this that remind me of that. Thank you for sharing this with me.

  2. I totally feel you.
    I have a huge following on Facebook, so I thought WOOWHO I can convert that over to a huge following on my blog. . . nope that has not happened. And it made me lose my way.
    I wanted to blog so that I could learn to how to incorporate my passion of cooking with my lifes journey. To tell a larger story of who I am and why I like to cook and share recipes.
    I found myself reverting to blogging in the same fashion I “post” to Facebook, which was the opposite of why I wanted to blog in the first place, to get away from that.
    I have take a step back from my blog, to regroup, re-think, re-energize myself.
    I stumbled across this blog post of yours because another blog I subscribe too re-blogged it— SCORE for me because I would otherwise never have seen it. Reading this has inspired me to continue on with my Blog.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank You for sharing this story with me. Blogging is another process that takes consistent development in order to make it work. You already know what you want to present and receive out of the blog, and taking time to regroup is fine, as long as you come back with something to show for it. Keep persisting, and present yourself and your ideas. People will reciprocate and you will gain a better idea of what works and what doesn’t along the way.

      Thank You again for the interaction, its a pleasure.

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