Persuing the Mind

Where is your mind taking you?

Are you going in one or multiple directions?

Do you have a preference?

I’m always wondering, thinking, visualizing what can be done, what changes can I make possible, what impact can I make. I picture greatness, and that greatness stems from the ideas that are forming in my head today. They interest me, they embody all of the traits that I feel most passionate about, they will be the ones that will get where I need to be. This is why the process of mind mapping has become so essential for me. I can lay out my ideas using a simple pen and paper or an app. Just let them flow, no specific structure, and you then see a pattern beginning to form.


This is what I find so fascinating about the mind, I’m not bound by anything. I can journey off into multiple directions and see how far can I go. If an idea captures my interest, then I’m going to want to learn more. Who says you’re only supposed to enjoy one thing and stick to that? The world has changed! We’re in a time where learning and doing anything has become much more possible for anyone of any age. You could be a 12 year old making money developing apps or changing the health industry! There are so many points I want for people to see and understand, I just need to paint the pictures on multiple canvases and display them in multiple settings.

Follow your mind. It’s alright if you have one thing you’re passionate about, but don’t feel as though you’re limited to one option. If you really feel it, pursue it. Remember: You will be the only one regretting what could have been.

Where do you see yourself going? I’d love to hear what you have to say! Also be sure to subscribe to The Wingfield Blog!

Thank You for Listening,


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