Wingfield’s Essential P’s

One day before I went to sleep, my brain decided to randomly connect dots while thinking about what traits are needed to succeed in any pursued venture. The overall theme I noticed was that the traits I listed all started with the letter P. Pretty sure somebody before me has already caught on to this but I’m going to provide my own personal interpretation of what essential traits are necessary to have in life, which I believe are pretty straight forward.

Your task will not always get done at the exact minute you want them to. There’s going to be times where you will not have control of someone else’s actions. For some of us, it’s pretty hard to depend on someone else for what’s necessary for us but this is why developing patience is so essential. Patience lessens anxiety, and less anxiety means less stress. In the time you waste being anxious for a task to get done, putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, you could be directing your attention elsewhere and develop habits that will better serve you in the future. Try something productive like reading that book that’s been sitting on your shelf forever, or try meditating. There will also be moments where your patience will be exceeded and action has to be taken, but this does not mean go on a yelling rampage or let anger build up inside, because negativity like that will only make matters worse. Developing patience and learning how to handle it will be one of the best investments you can make within yourself.

Without perspective, how can you have a clear direction of where you’re going? I consistently think about what my next move is going to be and how I see myself years from now. Having a perspective opens up a numerous possibilities where you get to explore and gain new experiences. Your perception is a guide, and that guide changes and steers you into a different direction as you progress. There could be a greater direction to move towards, or you may move towards a bad, bumpy road, often times they’re one in the same. Finding and following your path will contain both positive and negative experiences, but this is a part of life that you have to take. It is definitely worth the experience to get to that place you’ve envisioned in your head over and over again. A good way I’ve always thought of perspective is having an open view where you’re able to plan and move ahead instead of moving blindfolded.


Without positivity, there is no enjoyment. A positive outlook will go a long way and make everything in your life come into place much easier. You smile more, you’re able to breathe in and reinvigorate yourself, & you tend to feel better about yourself. Who wants to live a life of negativity, anger, and selfishness? There’s a special enjoyment that stems from a positive attitude that’s hard to explain in-depth. It’s a feeling that’s better experienced than expressed. I enjoy myself more and am open to new experiences that I normally wouldn’t have been before. From personal experience, I’ve benefited much more from living positively than negatively.

One of the key P words that determines if we are able to live the way we envision, or if we quit and turn around. Perseverance is what keeps pushing us forward when we’re obstructed. “You’re not in a position to do this”, “This is a better and safer option”, “No one’s been able to do this” are some of the typical sayings you’d hear when achieving high goals, but if you want something bad enough, perseverance will come naturally.

Everything is not meant for you to get done immediately. Issues with pacing are the reason why many people become frustrated with school and work, & become unable to finish task such as reading a book or achieving a goal. We have to adjust ourselves to work at our own pace and put ourselves within a position to where we can work at that pace without outside interference. This is the mindset of online educators and students who don’t feel comfortable with the “One pace fits all” agenda of a classroom and want to get the same education, but move at the pace that’s more beneficial for them. If more of us would adjust to a comfortable pace instead of feeling as though we have to move at someone else’s or move at a pace to make outsiders happy, our minds and bodies would be filled with so much more relief and release that unnecessary strain.

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2 thoughts on “Wingfield’s Essential P’s

  1. I’m not sure about positivity because we are assuming that people’s mood determines our success. Does it? I would say that it depends on the person. It seems that our mood will change if we did rock bottom or experience some sort of adversity. As I stated before, it depends on the person. I think we all know that perseverance is the top part of being successful. There are so many examples of public figures that supports this idea: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and the list goes on and on. So listen to your authentic self and go and become that you want to be no matter what.

    1. Well I certainly didn’t mean for positivity to sound like I’m assuming that someone else’s mood determines our success, that was not how I wanted it to be interpreted. I think that there will be some people who allow others moods & actions determine their success, but the point I was trying to make was that having a consistent positive attitude rather than a negative one is more beneficial. I agree that moods do tend to change with negative experiences, but I prefer to look at them as test of both how positive of a person you are and are you able to persevere when you’re put in a position where you need to the most. I hope I cleared up what I originally meant to say.

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