Conflicting Conscience

Do you still live as though you have two people arguing on your shoulder, one in white to keep you in check & one in red to make you let everything go without any regard?

During this ongoing process of bettering myself, I try to always catch myself whenever I feel the urge to criticize others in a negative way. At this point in my life, I let most negative instances fly by and not give them a second thought, but there are certain points where I need both guys on my shoulder to tell me what my approach should be. I understand that negative criticism will always be a part of our society and that it’s ok to not like certain things, MY problem is that there are people who consistently like to judge others when they themselves are in no better position & I feel the strong urge to rant & introduce them to this thing called reality.


For example: How do you talk about how everyone is getting pregnant now & you’ve already gotten pregnant, had a child, consistently complain about your baby’s father on Facebook & be in the same boat as the people you talk about? Just because you’re a year ahead of the curve does not mean you get to talk negatively about anyone! You’re the same age as they are & still live at home like they do!

Here’s another: How are you an aspiring entertainer & criticize “One-hit wonders”? Those are people that have been in the position you’re still trying to reach. You have yet to reach or surpass them, so why talk negatively about them?

It’s situations like these where I need to listen to the guy in white when he tells me to breathe in & hope that they learn at some point. And there are still moments where I listen to the guy in red, but I’m learning & limiting the number of times I listen to him as time passes. I can only keep progressing. This is simply a thought I had.

What are your thoughts on the subject? How do you handle conflicting conscience? Feel free to share your thoughts! Be sure to subscribe to The Wingfield Blog!

Thanks in advance,


photo credit: becstarr via photopin cc


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