Exceeding Expectations

So it has officially been a month since I’ve started The Wingfield Blog, & it has been some month. I had a few goals that I wanted to achieve with this site, those were

  • Put my thoughts & ideas into the world.
  • Encourage others.
  • Be within a community of people who would listen to what I have to say.

When I made the site live, I decided to put out three posts in order to establish a good starting point. There we’re no initial expectations, I just wanted to see where exactly could I take this. That first day was met with much relief, because I was starting to get my thoughts out & not hold them in any longer. The stats were nothing to brag about, about 25 views, 1 subscriber & 1 or 2 likes. I felt as if maybe I was on to something, that at some point I would be able to feel like I’ve achieved my other two goals as long as I consistently put out the important content that flows through my brain. I thought it would be months before I reached my goals, but as you can probably guess from the title, my goals we’re reached a bit quicker than I expected.


What I decided to do was make an investment in the site. If I was not willing to pay a bit  of money to help the goals that made me want to create my site in the first place, how much do I really care? This was the logic I used when I decided to respond to Cristian Mihal’s ad to reblog a post of my choice onto his site which currently has 80,000+ subscribers. I’ll admit I was hesitant at first, the idea of paying $50 for a reblog didn’t sit in my head perfectly. I really wanted to feel as though people were actually listening to my thoughts & ideas, be a part of and interact with a community of people who share similar thoughts & values as I do, and if I to pay to speed up the process, I was fine with that. So I asked him to post “My Story to the Young Creatives”, which stands as one of my best experiences I’ve had so far. The response for me was overwhelming!

I was astounded by how many people were actually taking the story in & how they would tell me that they needed to hear something like that and that I’ve actually helped them in some way. This is what I wanted to achieve, beyond the number of likes, comments, and subscribers. I thank you all for listening & appreciating my words and for all of you to know that they really meant more than what you think. I am only a month in, the VERY beginning. I want to reach more people, keep striking something in the brains of others and help as many as I can.

Link to Cristian Mihal’s site: http://cristianmihai.net/

Thank You for listening,


photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/venosdale/5954745877/”>venspired</a&gt; via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>cc</a&gt;






2 thoughts on “Exceeding Expectations

  1. Hi Brandon, Thank you for finding me – which made me find You! Life is full of little threads… I entered your site, and my eye was immediately drawn to the little nature image with words…the little moments in life… and proceeded. I have yet to read your “re-blogged” post, but for now I am touched by your open honesty and thoughtfulness to share with the rest of us, and yes you have encouraged, inspired and motivated! 🙂

    1. Thank You! I really appreciate the comment, it lets me know that I’m achieving what I set out to do. Please feel free to give “My Story to the Young Creatives” a look and share your thoughts with me. I also really enjoy viewing your work and look forward to seeing more!

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