Your “Dream Big” Problem

This post is dedicated to the people who believe that “Dreaming Big” is a waste of time or not enough to succeed. I purposely named it “Your “Dream Big” Problem” because that is exactly what it is, YOUR problem. I cannot stress enough how much dreaming big has changed & helped me grow over the last few years. I consistently jump at the chance to explore what my brain can come up with, to imagine the changes I’d like to see in the world and the thrill I get from the potential of making it happen.


Lately I’ve been seeing some disturbingly negative opinions about the concept of dreaming big. People are more that free to express their opinion, I don’t have a problem with that. My purpose for writing this is to hopefully encourage the non-believers and even the ones who believe, but are simply not seeing results and are losing faith. This is the most constant topic that I tend to see….

Not everyone can succeed at Dreaming Big
Here’s what I believe. If you have big dreams that you want to achieve, then there are only two key reasons that you would fail, those being

  1. You stop in the middle of the road & turn around.
  2. Don’t start to begin with.

Lets tackle both of these issues to see where the problem lies.

  1. Lack of persistence, resources, motivation, the typical reasons for turning your back on your dream. If you’re unwilling to push through your problems, how important is your dream to you in the first place? The real dreamers, large or small, do not allow solvable problems to deviate them from the ultimate goal. “I don’t have enough money” “I don’t have the skills” “I don’t have time” “There is somebody already doing what I want to do”. Has any of these statements stopped the people you admire from doing what they wanted to do? NO!! We often forget that the reason entrepreneurs create companies is not because they want to create something new, but to make something that already exist better. It’s never an easy road to travel, but if there’s something out there that you really want, nothing would stop you from getting it. Hearing this is one thing, but APPLYING it is something different entirely.
  2. If you fall into the second category, you are simply the worst. I need to be blunt about this because how can you possibly know what you can do if you don’t even take a single step? I’ve never heard of anyone wanting something so badly but doesn’t even try to start. It’s hard for me to even address the second category because you don’t even have a fraction of a clue about the concept of Dream Big. The only thing I can really say to you is this, START! I personally don’t care how. It could be crazy, untraditional, maybe even downright shameful. You’ll be the only one with regret for what you COULD have done with your life.


If you need any proof that “Dream Big” is effective, check out this previous post of mine where I talk about a crowdfunding campaign I did a year ago, believe me, you’ll be amazed on some level.

What are your thoughts on “Dream Big”? How has it helped you? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Be sure to also like, share, & subscribe to The Wingfield Blog.

Thank You for Listening,




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