Consistent Creatives

There are just some things in the world that you just love to see and appreciate on a regular basis. For me, one of those things is a constant flow of creativity, not just from people, but especially from companies. There’s nothing like seeing something new, different, visually appealing, and sometimes simplistic being introduced to the world. It’s refreshing to see and think in a different way and to imagine what can be created next, if not by someone else, then by YOU! Seeing consistent creativity is what drives me to keep going and see what I can achieve. There are different companies that stand out in my mind that embody constant creativity, they are the ones I look at to spark the imagination. Here are a few of the standouts….


I’m a Pixar fan down to my very core. Their movies amaze me, their short films inspire me, and their company culture is something to be marveled and emulated. Every time I see a Pixar film in theaters I find myself blow away by the fact that they’ve outdone themselves in some particular way. They’re always visually stunning, contain memorable characters, and are meant for everyone to enjoy.


If you need any more evidence of Pixar’s Creativity, check out their collection of Short Films. You get to see a perfect timeline of Pixar’s progress from their beginnings in 1986 to what we see today. The transformation is stunning, and the story behind it is even more appealing. I’m proud of the directions Pixar has taken, from starting out as the computer graphics division of LucasFilms to butting heads with the legendary Steve Jobs to releasing the 1st computer animated motion picture.


What can you say about this Global Design firm who breathes creative life into the world around us? IDEO has their hands in every sector from Energy to Education to Organizational Design, creating different & innovative products and experiences . They show us that we are truly bound by nothing but what we settle for. If you believe that you change more than one industry, why should you only have to choose one when you are free to change them all? IDEO is an environment where creativity can truly thrive, where you’re free to think outside the box and have the freedom to expand on your ideas and see where they can take you.



You cannot talk about consistent creativity without including TED. When you gather a group of the most creative people in the world, young and old, you cant help but feel inspired. Getting to hear ideas and thoughts of how to solve world issues and create something new is pretty invigorating to me. I can learn, develop and gain new perspectives on the topics that grasp my interest and even the ones that strike my curiosity. There’s always something to learn and there is always somebody to teach, & if TED doesn’t define consistent creativity, then I don’t know what does.

Who or what are your consistent creative? Please feel free to share your thoughts & subscribe to The Wingfield Blog.

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Photo Credit:
Pixar: photo credit: Fernando Galeano via photopin cc

IDEO: photo credit: <a href=””>sjunnesson</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;



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