My Top Motivational Documentaries

These are some of my favorite ways to get amped up. Not only to work & make something of myself, but to gain a different perspective. I like learning, and these documentaries have greatly fulfilled the purpose I believe they set out to achieve. I’ve been taught, I’ve been encouraged, & most importantly, I have learned. These documentaries have influenced me in such an amazing way, & if there is something on this list you have not had the pleasure of seeing, I strongly encourage you to do so. So without further ado (In no particular order), here are my top motivational documentaries.

NOTE: Consider these not as reviews, but snapshots of my personal thoughts of each documentary.

1. Indie Game: The Movie


For those of you who have the “For Gamers Only” label attached to this film, take it off. Its gaming, its entrepreneurial, its art, funny, personal, informative, and much more.Indie Game: The Movie shares the personal stories of gaming developers as they produce, present, and release their games out into the world. From the very beginning, it draws you into the minds of the highly creative people who work in extremely small groups, teams of 2 in this case, on limited budgets, multitude of issues, all in the pursuit of putting their creations out into the world for others to enjoy.

This is the most personal documentary of game developers I have ever seen. Visually seeing, as an outsider, the thoughts and details of the process is so amazing to me. It debunked some huge myths that I initially perceived about Indie developers and the process of developing a game. There is something for everyone to grasp.


2. Miss Representation

If there is a must watch film from this list, here it is. I’ve always considered myself to be an open-minded person and nothing but respectful to women, but this documentary opened me up to a lot of things that I have either never realized or paid close attention to. Miss Representation shares some amazing personal stories & shines a very bright light on blatant gender inequality & pressure on personal appearance.


The biggest problem I encountered was that we seem to be teaching women that if they want to be in a position of power, then they should also prepare to be scrutinized. It was pretty distressing for me to see that we intentionally discuss female politicians in a very demeaning manner, as if it doesn’t matter what they’re trying to achieve, there will always be something wrong with them, & that’s a serious problem. The media’s obviously no better. We see nationally recognized television stations more focused on what women are wearing, whom they’re dating, & “mood swings & PMS” for what women would bring to the White House. The stats are some of the biggest eye-openers to drive the point across. “Women only make up 16% of Writers, Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, and Editors”……………….let this sync in. The issues are much, much bigger than people realize. Don’t believe me, go watch it!!!!


3. Craigslist Joe


The world may appear messed up at times, but there are really, really great people out there. Craigslist Joe made that thought sync in. Imagine having no contacts with anyone you know, no money to start you off, and you only live through the contacts you’ve made on Craigslist. Now, imagine yourself doing this for a month……AND enjoying it! This was the experience documented on Joseph “Joe” Garner, who got the chance to travel across the U.S. and learns how kind society can really be, especially to a complete stranger. It definitely was not an easy thing to go through, but it was well worth it. Seeing an experience like this is so thought-provoking and makes you want to have a moment of your own.


4. The Startup Kids

For those that know me by now knows that I had to include a startup documentary on this list. Seeing and learning about the people in my own age group and younger, taking skills they’ve developed overtime and creating their own paths. This is the type of thing I like to see from my generation. Seeing these people who find problems in the world and create their own solutions is to marvel.

It’s not just entrepreneurship from my generation that’s to be admired, but the idea of entrepreneurship itself. To make the world better in your own way, having people enjoy something that you created, and the possibility of leaving a lasting impression that people will remember. This documentary reminds us that achieving this goal does not have an age requirement, an experience requirement, or getting permission from others in order to try. It’s all in the mind. What ideas we release into the world, how we do it, and if we do it at all.


Have a recommended documentary to share? Please do so! I’d love to watch them. And if you’ve seen any of these films, let me know what you think. Comment below or tweet me @LivingWingfield.

Indie Game: The Movie

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Miss Representation

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Craigslist Joe

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