Hey Everyone,

My name is Brandon Wingfield. I’m 21 years old, a Finance student at the University of West Georgia, & I want to change & challenge the world around me. I started this blog for the same reasons most people start blogs, because I needed an outlet to express my thoughts and ideas, create a place to mark my future endeavors, interact with like-minded people as well as help others achieve their goals, all within an open-minded, imaginative environment. I want to talk about anything that strikes the brain, not specialize in a specific topic. Anything from business to movies, tech to philosophy, gaming, ANYTHING that makes us think and positively motivates us.

I’m the guy who tries to learn and talk more about every subject that grabs his interest. There are a lot of things in this world that I am GOING to accomplish. There are too many paths in the world for me to just stick to one when I am free to try them all! If our brains can think it, & we have the resources to make an idea happen, why not do it? & If I can help anyone else do the same thing, I’m going to. The thought of delving into new surroundings, turning ideas in tangible products and helping people along the way is what motivates me to do what I do.

Let me give you some small quick facts about me.

  1. I’m an Introvert
  2. I’m Team Apple
  3. Movie Lover/Small time collector
  4. Avid Reader of Non-Fiction books (Nothing against fiction, just a personal preference)
  5. Had a successful crowdfunding campaign about a year ago (There’s a really interesting story behind that)
  6. If you subscribe to this blog, I am going to encourage you.

I want to help everyone to explore their curiosity and not be ashamed of their ideas and dreams as well as realize that their goals are simpler to achieve than they think.  In order for me to consistently keep my thoughts together, I have to constantly surround myself with things that spark my imagination and make me want to bring the things that I envision in my head into physical form. This is what I envision accomplishing with the blog with all of you.

So if you feel what I am saying & want to be a part of this journey, than welcome.

Lets change the world together! Lets make an influence! Lets make the world see our vision!


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